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February 1, 2018

I had a magical time at the ski slopes with this. I bought this because I’ve always had pain in my feet, due to them being large and highs arches. Ski boots were like living hell all these years.

Envy Sports changed that for me. I’m happy to say that these worked flawlessly on the slopes. Rock solid with the all day comfort of snow board boots.

Thanks much to the people behind this! I had to explain what this was to at least a dozen people at the slopes! 😀
— Ranjit...Amazon Review
I started researching a ‘soft boot’ solution to my problem and found the Envy Ski Frames and I couldn’t be more pleased. I bought a pair of single BOA board ...

February 16, 2018

Color: Blue|Size: Medium

I’m an avid skier. 2 years ago I damaged my left foot in an ATV accident. The injury made wearing ski boots nearly impossible. I could do it, but flying down the hill with tears streaming out of my eyes and freezing on my skin wasn’t cutting it for me. I started researching a ‘soft boot’ solution to my problem and found the Envy Ski Frames and I couldn’t be more pleased. I bought a pair of single BOA board boots and had the frames fitted on my K2 Merlin skis. To accommodate my foot, I bought boots a 1/2 size bigger than I usually wear, so the bindings has to be adjusted to fit the new boot/frame combination. A small inconvenience. Getting in and out of the frames is fairly simple and walking in them is less awkward than ski boots. I was concerned that I wouldn’t feel as connected to my skis with the frames compared to my boots, but that thought went bye-bye after the first run where I had put enormous pressure on the entire system and never once felt apprehensive. My skis responded the same as they ever had. I will say that I really cranked down on the buckles initially, and had some concern to the buckles durability, but again, it was a first run and I was being overly cautious. Even cranked down hard, the buckles performed flawlessly and got better as I moved in and out of the frames, which I leave attached to my skis when I want to take a break and cruise around lodge in my comfy board boots. If you’ve stopped skiing because ski boots are killing your feet, these frames are the answer. I recommend them highly.
— Tom, Amazon Review
Great, only challenge is cuff alignment/canting.

February 12, 2018

Color: Blue|Size: Large

I have to say, I really like these. Wearing snowboard boots is so much more comfortable.Some questions I had that I answered:Will they be stiff enough? Probably, they are for me and I bought soft boots. I only ski groomers anymore and my ski boots were not super stiff. These are just as stiff and responsive.What kind of boots do I need? I went for comfort and they stiffness of the boots doesn’t seem to matter too much. The most important thing is that you have at most one BOA and that it is at the top on the front.Are they heavy? No. The frames and snowboard boots weighed pretty much the exact same as my ski boots.What is different? They are wide. If you can generate a lot of edge angle you might boot out. Of course, if you can do that, these might not be right for you anyway. Same is true if you like to glue your feet together. They will be forced to be wider, but still within a natural standing stance. They make you slightly higher, like less than one inch. If I put one foot in these and one in my ski boot the ski boot was slightly lower.Challenges I’ve faced:1) it’s taking a bit of time to get good at the little things. Like how to carry them, how to put them on when I’m on the slope. I’ve only been out three days with them so far, so I don’t have any advice on those items yet.2) I’m slightly bow legged and have needed cuff alignment with my ski boots. When I ski with these, it’s driving my legs apart. I’ve sent an email to Envy Sports for advice. I’d be interested if they have canting heels and toes (this seems totally possible, given how they are made) or if there’s a suggestion on how to do the cuff alignment or boot fitment. I’m going to try to do some shimming on the snowboard boots this weekend to see if that makes enough difference. I hope to hear back from them soon.Overall, I’m pleased with the purchase.
— Shad...Amazon Review
Rating: 5-Star
Used the ski frames for two days this week with great results. They performed well on the groomers and in some powder. Very stable at speed and would definitely recommend them to an intermediate skier. Took a couple of runs to figure out my balance as you are a little higher in your stance. It was a real pleasure wearing snowboard boots and walking back to the car after the ski day. Great product!
— Bruce, Envy Customer
March 3, 2018

Color: Black|Size: Medium

I was looking for something like this for years! I tried on the very expensive Apex boot and was more than willing to pay the price but it still didn’t fit properly. I got the Envy Ski Frames this year and have been skiing more than ever the walks to and from the lot are so much easier. I would definitely recommend this product. I do wish the frame was a little lighter but it’s not bad. I have no issues so far with this product and I have been skiing on it as hard as I would with my ski boots.
— Thomas...Amazon Review
Rating: 5-Star
Absolutely a game changer!! I have been miserable in traditional ski boots for years. So much so that skiing has not been very enjoyable of a vacation. I love these!! Zero pain after a full day of skiing. Easy to use. I have been stopped over a dozen times by people curious about them. Ordering was very simple. Their customer service was super fast and answered all my questions. My wife and children will be jumping on these as well. Great product. I wish this business well and look forward to watching them grow!
— Kyle, Envy Customer
I like to ski and snowboard, so the ski frame would work perfect for me because I wouldn’t have to bring two different pairs of boots with me to the mountain.
— Steve; Colorado Resident
Easy to work, very comfortable, perfect for skiing with my kids!
— Joe, Ken's Bike and Ski; Davis, CA
It works great for a cerebral palsy skier because they can’t get their foot into a hard shell ski boot, but the snowboard boots work perfectly. We are glad to add the Envy Ski Frame to our mountain.
— Jake, Wasatch Adaptive Sports; Snowbird, UT
The warm snowboard boots allow me to ski the slopes all day long.
— Claire; Snowboarder at Vail Mountain, CO
I was apprehensive at first but when I tried the new ski frame it far exceeded my expectations. I was impressed by its performance and comfort.
— Doug; Alpine's head women's ISF coach, CO
I want to go back to skiing again but ski boots are uncomfortable and too expensive.
— John; Snowboarder at Arapahoe Basin, CO
Skiers that are looking for comfort, the Envy Ski Frame is perfect for them. They get exactly what they pay for with the comfort that the frames provide. Envy’s taking off!
— Shane, 970 Sports Rewind; Montrose, CO
If our skiers can be in more comfortable boots then that would be great!
— Joel, 8200 Mountain Sports; South Fork, CO
I’ve always believed there has been a market for a product like The Envy Ski Frame. I am excited to see Envy changing the ski industry with this innovative product.
— Cameron, Traverse Ski and Bike; Spokane Valley WA
The ski frames work great for fitting women with large calves.
— David, Cedar Sports Shop; Cedar City, UT
The ski frames would fit in on the rental market for kid. Perfect for snowboard & ski packages you can kill two birds with one stone!
— Pete, Fox Chapel Ski and Board; Pittsburgh, PA
Would like the frames to accommodate the double BOA boot system. I do love the look of the ski frames.
— Skyler, HTS Retail Frontier; McCall, ID
Could have used a heel loop for a stiffer flex at the top of the frame.
— Andrew, Elevation Sports; Beckley, WV
3 star.jpg
Our snowboard instructor loves the frames. He loves the ease of using the same boots to team in for both his skiing and snowboarding classes. Great product for skiers that are looking for comfort out on the mountain. I think this is a great idea to help bring comfort to the skiing industry. Revolutionary product that has the chance to take the market by storm.
— JP, Wicked Sharp Ski & Sports; Roxbury, MA
Looking for a forward lean adjustment for the calf support.
— Glenn, Greek Peak Mountain Resort; Cortland, NY
The frames work great for the older crowds up at the mountains.
— Tom, Maui North Ski Bike & Board Co.; Plattsburgh, NY
It felt really good when I tried it on and it was really comfortable. I think this is a great market for snowboarders that are looking to ski but don’t want to buy the expensive ski boots.
— Kegan, Neptune Snow Skiing and Snowboarding; Nashville, TN

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