Envy Ski Boot Frame

The new revolutionary Envy Ski Boot Frame allows skiers to go alpine skiing in top manufacturer snowboard boots. Skiers can now enjoy soft, warm, and comfortable boots on the slopes, around the lodge, and walking to and from the mountain. The lightweight Envy Ski Boot Frame is compatible with any single BOA, any Traditional Lace and most Speed Lace snowboard boots and provides the support and performance needed for ski control. Email us photos of your current snowboard boots if you have any questions! (Orders@envysnowsports.com)

Envy Ski Boot Frame + Snowboard Boots = Comfortable Skiing!



March 3, 2018
Color: Black|Size: Medium
I was looking for something like this for years! I tried on the very expensive Apex boot and was more than willing to pay the price but it still didn’t fit properly. I got the Envy Ski Frames this year and have been skiing more than ever the walks to and from the lot are so much easier. I would definitely recommend this product. I do wish the frame was a little lighter but it’s not bad. I have no issues so far with this product and I have been skiing on it as hard as I would with my ski boots.
— Thomas, Amazon Review
Our snowboard instructor loves the frames. He loves the ease of using the same boots to team in for both his skiing and snowboarding classes. Great product for skiers that are looking for comfort out on the mountain. I think this is a great idea to help bring comfort to the skiing industry. Revolutionary product that has the chance to take the market by storm.
— JP, Wicked Sharp Ski & Sports; Roxbury, MA
I like to ski and snowboard, so the ski boot frame would work perfect for me because I wouldn’t have to bring two different pairs of boots with me to the mountain.
— Steve; Colorado Resident
Solidly built and of high quality

February 1, 2018

I had a magical time at the ski slopes with this. I bought this because I’ve always had pain in my feet, due to them being large and highs arches. Ski boots were like living hell all these years.

Envy Sports changed that for me. I’m happy to say that these worked flawlessly on the slopes. Rock solid with the all day comfort of snow board boots.

Thanks much to the people behind this! I had to explain what this was to at least a dozen people at the slopes! 😀
— Ranjit, Amazon Review
It works great for a cerebral palsy skier because they can’t get their foot into a hard shell ski boot, but the snowboard boots work perfectly. We are glad to add the Envy Ski Boot Frames to our mountain.
— Jake, Wasatch Adaptive Sports; Snowbird, UT