Snowboard Boots

Having the ability to ski in snowboard boots allows you to enjoy an entire day on the slopes without the pain of hard-shell ski boots. The snowboard boots separate from the frame eliminating the awkwardness and pain of walking in alpine ski boots. The Envy Ski Frame is compatible with any laced or single BOA snowboard boot from top manufactures such as; Salomon, Burton, K2, DC, and Ride. There is no specific boot for our frame, so it is easy to switch from snowboarding to skiing. This also allows you to find your perfect skiing comfort.

compatible snowboard boots with The Envy Ski Boot Frames!

NOTE: All Double BOA Snowboard Boots are NOT compatible with our Ski Boot Frames. If you don’t see your snowboard boot listed below just shoot us an email and ask us if your boots are compatible.

DC Boots 2018-2019

Men’s Boots

  • Mutiny Lace-Up

  • Phase Lace-Up

  • Scout Single BOA

Women’s Boots

  • Search Single BOA

  • Lotus Single BOA

Burton Boots 2018-2019

Men’s Boots

  • Imperial

  • Ion

  • Ion Leather

  • Driver X

  • Tourist

  • Swath

  • Ruler

  • Ruler Leather

  • Moto Single BOA

  • Moto

  • Rampant

  • Invader

Women’s Boots

  • Supreme

  • Limelight

  • Ritual

  • Mint Single BOA

  • Mint

  • Limelight Single BOA

  • Coco

Salomon Boots 2018-2019

Men’s Boots

  • Faction Single BOA

  • Faction Single BOA Sand

  • Titan

  • Synapse

Women’s Boots

  • Scarlet

  • Pearl Single BOA

K2 Boots 2018-2019

Men’s Boots

  • Ryker Single BOA

  • Raider Single BOA

  • Market Single BOA

Women’s Boots

  • Sapera Heat Single BOA

  • Sapera Single BOA

  • Haven Single BOA

  • Belief

Ride Boots 2018-2019

Men’s Boots

  • Jackson Single BOA

  • Anthem Single BOA

  • Rook Single BOA

  • Orion

  • Bigfoot

Women’s Boots

  • Sage Single BOA

  • Harper Single BOA



Envy Ski Boot Frame

The Envy Ski Boot Frame was built to bring comfort to the skiing world while providing optimal support. The ski frame has the perfect balance of stiffness from the outer shell and flexibility from the snowboard boot and strap system.

The upper calf support in combination with the aircraft aluminum grade base creates a lightweight frame providing the rigidity and forward resistance needed to ski at a high level.

Four Strap System

  • Offers unmatched comfort and adjustment

  • Provides a parallel ski feel and tip control to a standard alpine binding

  • Multiple adjustment points to fit various snowboard boot sizes

  • The Envy Ski Boot Frame fits into a standard alpine ski bindings and conforms to all 5355 ISO Standards


Ski Frame Materials 

Calf Support:

Provides forward resistance necessary to downhill ski

Velcro Strap:

Supports the upper leg while skiing

Ratchet Strap:

Provides front lean support

Main Ankle Strap:

Locks the snowboard boot into place

Front Toe Strap:

Provides ski feel and tip control

Toe & Heel Plastic Bindings:

Clip into standard ISO ski bindings

Foam Base:

Keeps the snowboard boot in place with a soft and comfortable base

Aircraft Aluminum Base:

The lightweight platform the ski frame is built from

Adjustable Straps:

Expand to fit a variety of different boot sizes