Envy FAQ’s

1. What is the Envy Ski Boot Frame?

a. The Envy Ski Boot Frame is the new way to ski with revolutionary boots. The lightweight Envy Ski Frame is compatible with all standard alpine ski bindings, with allowing skiers to use top manufactured snowboarding boots that fit into the frame. This provides you with comfort and warmth that you do not receive with normal ski boots.

2. How does the Envy Ski Boot Frame work?

a. The ski boot frame clicks into a ski binding just like a normal ski boot would. Then, you use a snowboard boot to fit into the frame and securely strap your snowboard boot into the ski frame. When you are done skiing or are walking around, you leave the frame in the ski and walk around in your snowboard boots so it is more comfortable.

3. Why should I use the Envy Ski Boot Frame if I already have ski boots?

a. The ski frame was designed for the comfort factor for skiing. Usually, regular ski boots will eventually hurt your feet and freeze your toes. With the softness and comfort of snowboard boots, that should take away that pain ski boots cause while skiing and walking.

4. What level skier should use the Envy Ski Boot Frame?

a. The ski frame was designed for the beginner to intermediate skier. High performance skiers need their boots to be very stiff. Although, the ski frame is also very stiff and secure, it was created for the comfort factor of skiing so skiers could enjoy their days longer on the slopes.

5. Where is Envy Snow Sports located?

a. Envy Snow Sports was originated and is located in Golden, Colorado.

6. How did Envy Snow Sports start?

a. Our innovator, Chris Schroeder, was tired of uncomfortable ski boots that left his toes frozen and calf muscles stiff and tight; he wanted to come up with a better way to enjoy skiing. With the Envy Ski Boot Frame, you can go skiing for hours with no pain or coldness in your feet and legs. Also, with the option of now having a soft boot inside, you can walk around with comfort unlike the clunky, awkward walking everyone is too familiar with.

7. What is the Envy Ski Frame made of?

a. The Envy Ski Frame consists of an air craft aluminum base, reinforced calf support, adjustable bindings, and a four strap system. The aluminum base creates a strong base to help with ski control and feel. The reinforced calf support is built with a perfect forward lean to ski with while supporting your leg. The adjustable bindings help fit various snowboard boot sizes. We emphasis being able to use a wide variety of boot sizes. The four strap system we use provides you with great ski feel and tip control. We have a toe strap for heel to toe feel all throughout the frame.

8. When will the Envy Ski Boot Frame be available?

a. The medium and large ski frame will be available in the fall of 2017.

9. What makes the Envy Ski Boot Frame  different from competitors ?

a. With the Envy Ski Frame, any top manufactured snowboarding boots can fit into the ski frame. Brands such as Burton, K2, Salomon, Flow, and DC can all fit inside the frame. With our competitors, only their custom boot will fit into their frame.

10. How much does the Envy Ski Boot Frame cost?

a. The frame will sell for $379.

11. How many sizes come in the Envy Ski Boot Frame?

a. There are two sizes being medium and large. There is also an adjustable toe plate that expands as your foot grows. The large frame fits men’s snowboard boots sizes 8.5-13, and the medium frame fits women's snowboard boot sizes 9.5-ll. A small size of the Envy Ski Frame will be available in fall of 2018.

12. If I have snowboard boots with a Boa, does it fit into the Envy Ski Boot Frame?

a. Yes, snowboarding boots with the single, front BOA and lace styles fit the Envy Ski Boot Frame.