Envy Snow Sports Presents...

The Envy Ski Frame!


The revolutionary new Ski Frame allows skiers to use snowboard boots, offered by top manufacturers, to go alpine skiing. Skiers can now enjoy soft, warm, and comfortable boots on the slopes, around the lodge, and walking to the mountain. The light weight Ski Frame is compatible with all standard alpine ski bindings and provides the support and performance needed for ski control.


Our Focus

I like to Ski and Snowboard, so the Ski Frame would work perfect for me because I wouldn’t have to bring two different pairs of boots with me to the mountain.
— Steve; Colorado Resident
The warm snowboard boots allow me to ski the slopes all day long
— Claire; Snowboarder at Vail Mountain


I was apprehensive at first but when I tried the new Ski Frame it far exceeded my expectations. I was impressed by its performance and comfort.
— Doug Elsey; Alpine's head women's FIS coach in Colorado
I want to go back to skiing again but ski boots are uncomfortable and too expensive.
— John; Snowboarder at Arapahoe Basin Colorado